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AVC Technologies Home Automation with Mobile

AVC Technologies has been designing, installing and maintaining home automation systems in and around Tampa and Sarasota and throughout South Florida for over a decade. Our home automation solutions will change the way you live your life at home and turn your house into a smart home. We will enhance the comfort, efficiency, and enjoyment of your home while at the same time saving your money and increasing your security. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with personalized, concierge level service.

Our home automation systems provide you with control over many of the functions of your home with just the touch of a button or swipe of a keypad. No matter if you are at home, at the office, out for dinner, or just about anywhere in the world, you can have the same level of control. We can even program your home to respond to learned behaviors and automate many of the more mundane functions.

This enables us to integrate many of the electronic systems of your home, from lighting and climate control to music, video and security, in order to personalize and enhance your environment while providing convenience, cost savings and peace of mind. 

Home Automation Benefits

We live in a time where there are new technological advancements almost daily. While many of these devices attempt to make our lives easier, they often end up just making life more complex and frustrating. If often seems that if we put our phones away for just a moment, we are out of touch or out of control. This is where a properly designed home automation system can make a difference and simplify your life. Some of the benefits include:

Benefit #1 – Save Time: Bring together multiple systems into one easy to control interface. One touch control to put your house to sleep for the night or to manage all your entertainment systems.

Benefit #2 – Comfort: Control and automate the temperature in your home year-round without having to adjust the thermostat.

Benefit #3 – Security: Secure your home with the touch of a button. Never come home at night to a dark house, we can turn on your lights, unlock your doors, disarm your security system, turn on your television and set your thermostat as you drive up to your home.

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