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AVC Technologies Services - Design

Design & Engineering

Every great system begins with an intelligent well thought out design created by a knowledgeable and experienced design team. Here at AVC we truly work from a team approach to achieve the superior results to satisfy even the most discriminating clients.

Just as every contractor builder requires precise documentation in the form of architectural drawings and specifications to achieve the final product, our electronic systems are no different.

The majority of our projects and installations require intelligently thought out and well conceived AutoCAD drawings for each individual system, written specifications, schematics, sketches and elevated renderings to confirm the desired result prior to installation. The details of our designs insure the harmonious integration with all of our team members and trade partners to guarantee a smooth and efficient construction process from start to finish.


AVC Technologies Services - Custom Homes

Custom Homes

Today, it seems every builder and developer markets their homes as being custom. Most of the time, this is seldom the case. The definition of custom has very little to do with the size of the home, but rather, the fit and finish of the home and installation requirements.

Behind any magnificent custom home is a team of architects, builders & designers charged with the responsibility of making your home truly special. 

Are you experienced enough to work with level five plaster finishes on walls and ceilings? Have you ever worked with gold leaf wall treatments? Do you have a fundamental understanding that the locations of plates, keypads and all things visible must be installed to zero tolerances with respect to heights and centering with existing devices and elements of millwork? Are you capable of working at a unique pace that matches the needs of the custom project? And lastly, do you have experienced and highly capable field and service technicians that can work in this unique environment?

AVC Technologies Services - Commercial Development

Commercial Developments

AVC is capable of providing a turnkey experience for any commercial builder or developer to minimize the integration and coordination obstacles associated with working with several trades on a singular project.

AVC can efficiently integrate fire, intrusion, access control, networking, telecommunications, automation & control, lighting control, motorized shades, security, entertainment, energy management systems, video teleconferencing and much more.

With over 35 years of construction industry experience, you can be assured that we can get the job done on time.

AVC Technologies Services - Production Homes

Production Homes

In past years, AVC routinely completed a thousand or more production homes a year.  This unique category of home building is demanding and quite different than custom home building or commercial developments. A competent ESC (Electronic System Contractor) must be prepared to handle extremely tight construction schedules with very little flexibility.

In addition to the physical work, there is a tremendous amount of administrative work and coordination that's necessary simply due to the volume of independent jobs.

At the core of AVC is a robust CRM (Customer Resource Management) software platform to properly execute this kind of work. Efficient scheduling, electronic documentation, workflow notification between the builder's construction managers, AVC project managers and each client is paramount to success.

AVC Technologies Services - Luxury Marine

Luxury Marine

The days of independent systems with analog switches and steam needle gauges are long gone, and today, the keyword is "Convergence". Touch screens located at the helm(s) and throughout the ship are capable of monitoring and controlling virtually every system on the vessel.

With a touch of the screen you can confirm precisely every liquid capacity such as on board fuel, fresh water, Gray water and waste holding tank levels. From the same panel, you can observe the condition and state of all main engines and power generators simultaneously.

Other systems and information available from these custom panels located throughout the yacht include, chart plotting, "Real Time" weather, lighting control, HVAC monitoring and control, independent control and viewing of cameras, satellite TV, distributed audio, intercom, internet access/web browsing, security, motorized roller blinds, motorized venetian blinds and much more; all from a simple integrated control system.

Remote access is possible as well; as you leave your land based home, you could normalize all necessary systems in the vessel such as lighting, temperature and start background mood music from your on board Media server all from your personal smart phone or tablet.

AVC Technologies Services - 24/7 Support and Maintenance

24/7 Service & Maintenance

We take tremendous pride in rapidly responding to our client's service needs when necessary. Our warranty service technicians are always available and just a telephone call away, regardless of the time of day or night.

Service and maintenance contracts are also available to insure our client's complete piece of mind for all the systems we install.

AVC Technologies Services - Consultation


With over 35 years’ experience in the construction and technology industries, AVC is often called upon by respected architects, interior designers and builders to find solutions for difficult problems.

We've achieved this reputation and respect by consistently delivering strong and sensible solutions over the years.

We take tremendous pride in being a resource for our industry partners.

AVC Technologies Services - Remodeling


Not every company is capable of efficiently remodeling a residence or commercial project. Through years of experience and with highly competent and knowledgeable project managers and field technicians, we consider ourselves experts in this unique area of construction.


AVC Technologies Services - Realtors


AVC is uniquely qualified to provide a myriad of products and services to assist your new homebuyers when moving into their new homes. Often, home buyers are initially overwhelmed with all that must be done.

In one short productive meeting, we can arrange to activate their security system, install that new flat panel TV, hook up their audio equipment, cable the home for network computers and install and setup wireless access points so they can immediately use their laptops and tablets.

We consider ourselves your technology experts and an extension of you.

AVC Technologies Services - Saving You Money

Saving You Money

With over 35 years working in the construction industry, AVC has accumulated much experience in all facets of technology while working on many different kinds of projects.

Having accrued this broad experience, we can intelligently value engineer all of the products and systems that we offer at a price that meets your budget.

We're dedicated expert electronic designers and truly understand how to integrate the technology in your life.